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Market Mastery 2.0 is LIVE!

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Bonus Video #4 To Market Mastery Just Released

We just opened up Video #4 to Market Mastery. Comments on the blog continue to come in HEAVY and if you haven’t sign up for “Cut In Line” list, it’s filling up FAST.

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[Video] Market Mastery Step #3 is ONLINE..

[Video] Market Mastery Step #3 is ONLINE..

2 big trading announcements…

First, I just released my THIRD Market Mastery training video, where I reveal:

* The 2 main reasons why you fail at trading, and how to fix them instantly…

* A simple “wealth equation” that you can use to protect yourself every time you trade (it’s like a sort of “risk shield”)…

* The unusual “backwards” approach to trading that the world’s best traders have been quietly using for YEARS…

* and a LOT more…

The SECOND big announcement is that I’ll be releasing my ALL-NEW web-based Market Mastery 2.0 trade alert software on:

* Monday, September 16th at 1pm Eastern.

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Good Trading,
Bill Poulos


Market Mastery Video #2

Bill Poulos just released his second video of Market Mastery free training series. In this video he talks about how to take advantage of peoples’ perception in stock market, how to identify unique type of market where you can utilize trading method you are currently using, and he will demo a new web based platform he has been working on this year.

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$500 value, 7-year “battle-tested” stock trading “blueprint” and
companion “how to” video just released here:

[VIDEO 1] Earn 11.1%/mo w/ this free 2-step trading method?

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